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Chile Visa Requirements


Chile visa requirements are fairly easy to understand. Application process is online. But, you must appear in person to pickup the approved visa.

Chile issues only short term visas for up to 90 days. Visa fee can vary greatly depending on your country of passport. Refer to your nearest consulate website for exact and up to date information.

Chile Visa Requirements

chile visa requirements

Visa EXEMPT passport holders

90 day entry


60 day entry


30 day entry


Visa REQUIRED passport holders

90 day SINGLE entry


60 day SINGLE entry


30 day SINGLE entry


21 day SINGLE entry


90 day MULTIPLE entry


60 day MULTIPLE entry


30 day MULTIPLE entry


NO MULTIPLE entry visa is issued for the passport holders of below countries


Visa EXEMPT for passport holders with legal residency in countries of Pacific Alliance – Colombia, Mexico, and Peru


Visa EXEMPT for passport holders with a valid visa from the USA or Canada


Application Process

chile visa application
Check if you need a visitor/tourist visa to travel to Chile in the “Visa Requirements” section above. Alternatively you can check your visa eligibility and requirements at your nearest consulate of Chile website.

Chile visa application is a two step process

  1. Submit the application online
  2. Pickup approved visa in person

Documentation needed
Following documentation is required

  1. First and last page of your passport
  2. Copy of the visa/residence permit if applying in a third country. Example: if you hold a India passport and applying in the US, you have to provide a copy of your US visa
  3. Signed employment letter
  4. Proof of economic solvency (bank statement)
  5. Roundtrip airfare
  6. Hotel reservation confirmations
  7. Digital photograph

Supporting documents: Scan documents 1 though 7. Combine and create one single PDF file.
Digital photograph: File must be in JPG format and no larger than 100KB.

Online application
First step in the application process is to fill and submit an online application at SAC (Sistema de Atención Consular) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile website.

  • Fill the online application
  • Upload the supporting documents PDF
  • Upload the digital photo JPG and submit

Visa fee
Visa fee is based on the country of your passport. In the online application, after selecting your nationality, fee for your country will be displayed. Visa fee varies from $5USD to $150USD for both single and multiple entry depending on your country of passport.

Chile charges a visa fee only if the visa is approved

You have to pay the visa fee only if the visa is approved. You must pay this fee on the day of picking up your approved visa. Chilean consulate usually accepts credit/debit card payments. Call/email your nearest consulate ahead and check what modes of payment are accepted.

Apply for multiple entry visa only if your itinerary involves multiple trips to Chile. Reason being, visa will be issued only for the number of days you have requested. Also, multiple entry visa fee is much higher than single entry.

My itinerary was for 20 days. I have applied for multiple entry visa. I was given only a 20 day multiple entry visa. I was expecting to travel back to Chile at some point in the future.

Apply in-person
Chilean consulates are now using the online application system. But, there may be some consulates that accept in-person applications. Call/email your nearest consulate for details.

Apply by mail
You cannot apply for Chile visa by mail/courier. You can only apply it through the online system.

Apply through visa/travel agency
Chilean consulates are now using the online application system. Some consulates might accept applications from visa/travel agencies. Check with your nearest consulate for details.

Priority visa service
There is NO expedited or priority visa service. Make sure to apply your visa at least 30 days prior to your scheduled travel date.

Visa pickup
After you submit your online application, you can check the status of your application on the SAC website by logging in with the same username and password that you have created during the application submission.

After the visa is approved, you will receive an email with an appointment date. Appointment date is set by the consulate. You are allowed to change the appointment date one time.

On the date of appointment, you should appear in person at the consulate. You must carry your original passport. You must also carry all supporting documents in original.

The visa officer will verify your documents and affix the visa stamp in the your passport. You will have to make the visa fee payment. You will then have to give your finger prints on 3 copies of the approved application. They will retain one copy and you will be given the other two copies.

You will have to submit these two copies at your first port of entry in Chile. Make sure to carry these two copies with you on the day of your travel.

Customer service
There is no dedicated customer service for visa status inquiries. If you need any assistance or have questions, you can email/call your nearest consulate.

Application withdrawal
There is no formal application withdrawal. If you do not intend to continue with the application, you can just abandon it at any stage.

Immigration and Customs

chile immigration and customs
Most airlines do not let you check-in online if you need a visa to travel to the destination country. If you check-in online or at the airport, either way make sure to arrive at the gate a bit early and see the airline staff. They sometimes have to go through the visa requirements again and put a “Docs Ok” stamp on your boarding pass.

At the first port of entry in Chile, the officer will stamp your passport but will not write/mark the number of days you are allowed to stay in the country. You will be given a small receipt that contains the number of days you are allowed to stay. Make sure to check the receipt right away for accuracy.

You must submit the two copies of approved, finger printed and signed visa application that you received at the consulate to the officer at the port of entry.

As always, carry a copy of your return ticket and hotel/hostel bookings with you. Immigration/customs officials sometimes would like to see your return ticket. Having a copy handy would be highly useful.

Australia and Mexico passport holders
Passport holders of Australia and Mexico have to pay a reciprocity fee. Reciprocity fee must be paid on arrival, before proceeding to immigration/customs. Look for payment counters near or next to immigration/customs counters.

Nothing need to be done on exit. Just make sure to stop by the gate to check with the staff if you they need to verify your documents.

You may have to go through immigration and customs on your return at your home country or the country you are flying back to. If you are flying back on a Boeing 777, expect long lines at the immigration and customs.


santiago city skyline
Chile visa requirements are fairly simple and clear. Application submission is online and processing is much quicker. Chile is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. If you haven’t been to Chile yet, add it to your list and keep it on the top.

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